Supporting Audiences During Coronavirus – deadline for bids

We have had an overwhelming response to our funding round to Support Audiences During Coronavirus.  We have so far allocated £280,688 and have supported 18 different projects, including live music, comedy, mental health support, drama, sport, radio for the elderly, radio for children, and radio celebrating carers and key workers.

As we are approaching the end of the maximum £400,000 budget we’ve allocated to this round, we think it’s the right time to set a closing deadline – that deadline will be Monday 11th May, at 10am.  Our funding panel are currently meeting weekly to review bids, and will keep doing so up to the end of that week.

We will of course keep reviewing the situation, and responding to the world around us the best we can.  We will spend May and June reviewing the bids submitted as part of the standard funding round we opened earlier this year, and use that time to formulate our funding plans for the rest of 2020. 

Thank you so much for every bid we’ve received – whether awarded or not, each bid represents a supplier and broadcaster that’s put in tremendous energy and effort to support their listeners at a time they need it most.  We’re really proud of the way the industry has come together, and really excited about the content ideas we’re supporting.