Would Like To Meet

Authored documentary series about disabled people dating.

6x 15mins, by Exeter Phoenix and Documental Theatre, first aired 12th June 2022

Why do many disabled people have fulfilling love lives while for others it just ain’t happening? Or at least not how they thought it would…? Comedian, writer and wheelchair-user Ngozi Ugochukwu is going on a quest to find love in a (sort-of) post-pandemic world.

Along the way, Ngozi meets some amazing individuals with disabilities to hear their love stories and explore some of the currents in contemporary dating for people with disabilities, visible or otherwise. 

Full of laughs and touching human moments Would Like To Meet aims to look at the experiences of disabled people positively and honestly, inviting listeners to think in new ways about how we all live.

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Exeter Phoenix and Documental Theatre
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