Absolute Radio Pirates

Pop-up radio station to mark the 55th anniversary of the Marine Offences Act, and the end of 60s pirate radio.

1x 4hr loop, repeated six times, by Unusual Productions, first aired 12th August 2022

August 14th 2022 will be the 55th anniversary of the Marine offences act (Marine, &c Broadcasting (Offences) Act 1967). This act made it unlawful to broadcast over or from with-in the UK from a ship or aircraft or to Supply a Ship/Aircraft.

Before the pirates the BBC only had two hours of pop music a week, so when the pirates came along broadcasting pop music all day, they changed the face of British radio broadcasting forever.

Absolute Radio 60s will celebrate this with a day of programmes and archive from – and with – the pirates who created the sound of music radio that we enjoy today.

Absolute Radio Pirates was produced by Jon Holmes and Laura Grimshaw – photos below:

A clip featuring Johnnie Walker
A clip featuring Tony Blackburn
Unusual Productions
Absolute Radio 60s