Heart's Hometown Heroes

Daily short audio blogs from local keyworkers in Yorkshire, Hertfordshire, and North Wales.

60x 2min, by This Is Distorted, first aired 27th April 2020

These short pieces were each two minutes long, and aired during local drive shows, with shorter versions placed throughout the day in advertising slots.

The audio blogs shone a light on the ordinary people doing extraordinary things as they went about their daily lives while the rest of the country stayed safe at home. They highlighted the challenges, but focused on the positive stories. The packages were positive, upbeat, warm and real.

They’ll celebrated the incredible people risking their lives and making huge sacrifices to keep the NHS running, the supermarket shelves stacked, the bins emptied and the trains running.

In total there were 60 contributors (20 for each station) covering all of the key worker categories from medicine to transport, food, vets, police, social workers, teachers, MPs, utilities, and delivery drivers.

Charlotte from Hertfordshire
Sonia from North Wales
Chris from Yorkshire
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