Homeschool Helpers

Home-schooling tips to parents that might benefit from a bit of extra advice, from helping their kids get the best out of learning at home, to looking after their own mental health.

15x 2min, by Listening Dog Media, first aired 21st February 2021

Presenter and mum-of-two Helen Skelton is joined by different education and home-schooling experts, to help parents discover the best ways to manage home schooling their children.

The series of features is designed to give very clear, practical help and advice to support home-schooling during this difficult time, when many parents are feeling isolated with the challenge of full-time parenting and teaching.

Expect tips and tricks to keep your kids focused, alongside guidance on how to look after your own mental health during this challenging time.

The Homeschool helpers include:

  • Amanda Ashy-Boyd – Nutritional Therapist
  • Jill Ritchie – Life Coach
  • Laura Bacon – Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust
  • Sally Maddison – Head Teacher
  • Maddie Moate – Children’s TV Presenter
  • Neil Jones – Strictly Come Dancing Professional

The Audio Content Fund · Home School Helpers

The project will broadcast on a network of more than 25 Community Radio Stations:

  1. Koast Radio
  2. Radio Tamworth
  3. Unity FM
  4. Fiesta FM
  5. North Manchester FM
  6. Bolton FM
  7. Radio Essex
  8. Dee 106.3
  9. Silk 106.9
  10. WCR FM
  11. Phoenix Radio
  12. Dean Radio
  13. Park Radio
  14. Cando FM
  15. Hope FM
  16. Red Kite Radio
  17. Riviera Radio
  18. Alive Radio
  19. Winchester Radio
  20. K107FM
  21. Radio Tyneside
  22. Swindon 105.5
  23. Ninesprings 104.5
  24. 106.9 SFM
  25. Mansfield 103.2

Lesson 1 - The Importance of keeping your children moving
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