A talk show with a difference - the only talk show on commercial radio aimed at a youth audience tackling the issues of the day head on in a style that suits the audience. Fully inclusive, unafraid and daring.

12x 1hr (plus shortform), by The Playmaker Group, first aired 11th April 2021

2020 was a turning point in terms of young people and their thoughts being voiced. The opinions and passion that have been shared online show the yearning to have a platform to do this on a wider and more constructed basis.

A collective forum to talk, celebrate, question and probe, KISS LIFE will be a safe space to be yourself, voice your view, listen to your peer groups opinion, learn and react.

Agenda-setting in its outlook, it will reflect the KISS listenership across the UK and give them a chance to connect and talk about the issues of the day and prove to be the much needed and severely missed link that commercial radio doesn’t currently have at local or national level.