KISSFest Stories

Short-form speech content, with listeners celebrating the power of friendship of togetherness, in the run up to KISSFest over the Easter Weekend.

52x 1min, by We Are Grape, first aired 29th March 2021

Broadcast every hour for a week (approx 06.00-18.00) across all three KISS networks (KISS, KISS Fresh and KISStory). Listeners will talk honestly about how COVID restrictions have affected them, reminisce about shared fun times and, importantly, look to the future to leave the listener on a positive note.

The series points to the return of KISSfest over the Easter weekend, which aims to create a shared dancefloor and connect listeners who cannot physically be together.

Jasmine talks about lockdown with her 8 housemates
Bry & Kelvin talk about how their dog helped them
We Are Grape