Lightning Birds: A Game of Sonic Tag

A unique, fast-paced radio production challenge, responding to the 2021 International Women's Day theme of 'Choose to Challenge'.

1x 1hr, by Stellaria Media, first aired 8th March 2021

30 artists from around the UK will make a short radio feature in a day. Creating meaningful connections through remote, artistic collaborations, this format is designed to fit with women’s overstretched lives and the increased pressures of being isolated at home during lockdown.

The format asks 30 women from a network of artists and community radio practitioners to each make a two-minute, original piece from their own home. Each will have heard only the piece that comes before hers – and won’t hear the others until the broadcast.

Artists participating include Megan Murphy, Sammy Weaver, Jodie Saunders, Annemaria Bala, Lisa Redford, Emma Welton, and Magda Crace (pictured).

A montage of clips from Lightning Birds
Hear the Lightning Birds hour in full
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