Loneliness Awareness

A week-long campaign exploring loneliness through age, ethnicity, and locality, focussing on the stories of 12 people from a range of backgrounds.

20x 2min, by Offside Productions Media, first aired 15th June 2020

Through this project, listeners learnt the ways in which loneliness is detrimental to our emotional and physical health, and were given insight and advice from experts including medical professionals, advisors and charities.

The series of 20 inserts ran in programming throughout Loneliness Awareness Week, and one show each day featured a contributor and expert for a studio discussion. Guests included Esther Ranzen, Jo Leadbeater and Poorna Bell.

The project was delivered with support from The Marmalade Trust, who offered case studies and provided an onward journey for listeners who needed support.

A selection of some of the contributors in the project
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