One Voice

A series from the Manchester Chinese community, exploring Chinese identity and culture and what it means to be British Chinese in a post Covid-19 environment.

8x 1hr (4x Cantonese and 4x English), by All Arts and Media, first aired 6th July 2021

The four shows will be made by the production team who have made ‘Radio Shueng Lok’ on ALL FM since 2017. Building on their show which explores a variety of aspects of being a Chinese Manchester resident, One Voice will expand the concept to explore what it’s like to be a Chinese UK resident – and speak from Manchester in One Voice to the whole of the UK.

Shows will explore: Chinese culture and how it differs between generations of British Chinese people; Covid-19 and the effect on British Chinese communities, including physical and mental health and social stigma; Chinese languages and how living in the UK effects the way people communicate and behave; British Chinese identity and how important Chinese customs and celebrations are to different generations of Chinese people living in the UK.

All four shows will be produced in both Cantonese and English, and made available to any community radio station that wants to broadcast them.

Hear the introduction to One Voice (English)
Hear the introduction to One Voice (Cantonese)
Hear the shows on their Mixcloud page
All Arts and Media
ALL FM, Unity 101, Salford City Radio, Liverpool Community Radio, Sunny Govan