Prime Timers

15-min programmes for the over-70s, produced by the over-70s, and broadcast weekly on small stations across England during lockdown.

5x 15min, by SWSW Network, first aired 18th May 2020

Marie Clifford – contributor, Be Active – keep fit for older people at home
Tony Coll – Host
Anna Rossetti – Contributor and producer of “Not Going Out”

The programmes were broadcast on:

  • ALL FM
  • Soundart Radio
  • Radio Veralum
  • Ujima Radio
  • Radio Tyneside
  • Winchester Radio
  • Unity 101FM
  • Lionheart Radio
  • Swindon 105.5
  • Ujima Radio
  • Daventry Radio
  • Radio Northwich
  • Sonder Radio
  • GTfm
  • Penistone FM
  • Frome FM
  • Radio West Middlesex
  • Royal Hampshire County Hospital
  • Canalside Community Radio
  • Hospital Radio Hillingdon
  • Radio Tunbridge
  • Bay Trust Radio
  • Tarka Radio
  • Tameside Radio
  • Radio Broadgreen
  • Wrightington Radio
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