The Manchester Adventures of Brian Hovis

Daily comedy-drama transforming the empty streets of the ten boroughs of Manchester into a thrilling virtual adventure for a hapless treasure hunter.

15x 3mins, by Low Fat Radio, first aired 4th May 2020

Brian Hovis is like Indiana Jones. If Indiana Jones was hopeless. With classic ‘gung-ho’ British spirit, Brian sets sail on a locked-down Mancunian adventure to find the Supernova Champagne – a drink that allows people ultimate relaxation and happiness.

Voiced by professional character and voice over actor ‘Ian Conningham’ (who has starred in many things from Doctor Who to The Muppets Most Wanted), the character could best be compared to a classic Goon Show type voice, reminiscent of post war comedy. The style is imaginative and adventurous but always with a comedic failure. Each episode is a different scene, with a different challenge, puzzle, or difficulty to be overcome.

True ‘theatre of the mind’ at a time when theatre of any kind – from gigs to stand up – couldn’t be a reality.

Episode 1 of The Manchester Adventures of Brian Hovis
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