The Running Punks Radio Show

A twice-weekly radio show, bringing people together to get exercise and have a laugh, without all the pretences of exercise that often put people off.

8x 45min, by Eat Sleep Media, first aired 20th March 2021

Imagine a running club: slender people, expensive training gear and hi-tech watches. Now forget all of that! Running Punks is the counterculture running club for anyone who feels like a running club isn’t for them. You may be out of shape, hairy, tattooed, or not able to run – it doesn’t matter.

The Running Punks Radio Show will pair group founders Jimmy or Rhodri with a different club member for a safe run as they present the show and talk about how they’ve been coping with the pandemic, and the biggest challenges in their lives. 

With supporting material online, and packages broadcast across the week to involve as many listeners as possible.