Unheard Voices

A series of features giving a voice to disabled and visually-impaired people in South Wales.

15x 5min, by Sixteen Media, first aired 15th June 2020

Each five minute profile tells a different story of life through lockdown and the different ways that people have been coping.  For some, it’s come as a relief to have down time with lockdown bringing new opportunities for socialising online,  for others it’s brought loneliness and a desire to get back to meeting friends in the pub and going to music festivals.

All of the people interviewed share the common feeling of not being defined by their disability and wanting to cope with life through lockdown using the resilience and determination that has made them who they are.

Lela from Barry, who is blind, talks about her lockdown life
Hear the rest of the profiles on the 16Media Soundcloud page
Sixteen Media
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