Your Forest

Be transported into the heart of ten urban forest areas of England, through audio recorded by the communities who live in and around them.

8x 10mins, by Wild Rumpus CIC, first aired 21st March 2021

On International Day of Forests ‘Your Forest’ will launch on a network of Community Radio Stations – a mass participation audio project inviting listeners in ten forested areas of the country to visit their local woodlands and record the harmonies of nature and their surroundings.

Uploaded to an audio soundmap created specifically for their community, these sounds will be used to create unique content using guests and audio to explore the value of trees and forests to diverse urban communities.

Your Forest is being broadcast on:

  • Radio Faza 97.1 FM
  • Swindon 105.5
  • Beverley FM
  • Liverpool Community Radio
  • Phoenix FM
  • Radio Verulam
  • ALL FM
  • Secklow Sounds
  • Tameside Radio
  • Salford City Radio
  • Bristol BCfm